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Max Coursey

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About Me

Max is a 5th generation Idahoan, 3rd generation Boise High School graduate, and second-generation misfit. All that is good in Max is owed to the foundation laid by his parents Fuzzy Steuart, Kitty Steuart and Greg Coursey.

Upon graduating from high school, Max escaped to the warm beaches of San Diego where he enjoyed bodysurfing on a daily basis, eating fish tacos, reading, and partaking in a predominantly liquid diet. He took full advantage of the University system studying in the warm and sultry tropics of Brisbane, Australia and the rainy gloom of Oxford, England where he turned a whole new shade of white, that he hadn’t even observed in the giant Crayola box.

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Max met a really hot Floridian by the name of Vanessa Redditt. Through his charming ways, he was able to convince her to move from San Diego to Boise in roughly 2-3 weeks of dating. Today Max and Vanessa are happily married, Vanessa has a much cooler last name, and they have three kids who are poised to one-day graduate from the greatest high school on earth (Boise High).

After moving back to Boise in 2001, Max immediately obtained his real estate license and began selling real estate at the #1 brokerage in Boise (Holland Realty). Max soon turned his obsession to learning everything humanly possible about real estate. If you were to ask Malcolm Gladwell, and if Malcolm Gladwell knew who Max was (which he doesn’t), then Malcolm Gladwell would tell you that Max has put in his 10,000 hours a couple of times. Max started attacking the status-quo and not charging his sellers 6% brokerage fees. Some real estate agents didn’t like that Max was saving his clients money and bucking the system. Max didn’t really care that much, but he did care a little bit.

Finally, Max began Tiger Prop with the goal of destroying the status-quo in real estate, putting his critics out of business, saving his clients thousands of dollars, providing a higher level of service than national franchises from Austin, Texas and having as much fun as humanly possible. In December of 2013, Max obtained Will Lyman (the voice for the Dos Equis commercials, National Geographic, and Frontline on PBS) to also be the voice of Tiger Prop. Why? Because if you mixed Dos Equis, National Geographic and Frontline on PBS in a glass then you would very likely come up with Tiger Prop.

Max enjoys kite-skiing, mountain biking, spending time with his kids, penguins, bodysurfing, reading and tigers. He also likes people. A lot.

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