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Our focus is to get you multiple offers at the highest price possible, so that you can choose the deal terms best for you!  We do this with proper presentation:  repairs advice, staging advice, and professional, high-resolution photos.  We do this with proper market penetration:  high-quality flyers, social media marketing, SEO management, open houses, Zillow and Trulia postings, reposting on other sites… oh, and the MLS.

We have the best pricing team in the Valley.  From our owner to our agents, proper pricing is a focus of the company because the right price will maximize your return without an extended wait.  However, if you neighbor’s agent sold their property in 2 days, then they probably did not maximize their price.  We want to get you the most for your property without delaying the sale.  We target a price that will get multiple offers within 2 weeks to 30 days.

Yay, you received an offer on your home.  Now it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and negotiate!  TE Agents will review the offer and scour it for crucial details (i.e. likelihood of closing, reasonable timelines, contingencies, likelihood of financing, and more).  Your agent will present all offers to you, point out the pros and cons of each, and answer your questions.  If the purchase price is too low or there is some other issue with the offer, your agent will draft a counter offer and negotiate to your best deal.  We earn our money by being creative and being fair, but also by being tough.  If the offer is perfect, then don’t wait around, sign that puppy and let’s get working toward closing.

Once the offer has been accepted on both sides, your agent will deliver the fully executed contract to the: title company, escrow agent, lender, other brokerage, and our broker.  Your agent will “open title” with the title company.  If you have a cash offer, they will request proof of funds from the buyer.  If the offer is contingent on financing, they will seek to get a loan approval letter from the buyer’s lender as soon as possible.

The buyer likely will have a home inspection contingency in the contract, which means that if they find needed repairs they can either cancel the contract without penalty or ask you to repair the problem to their satisfaction.  Most inspection contingencies have a dollar limit on the repairs you must do, or they allow you to cancel the contract.  This is often a point of anxiety for sellers as sometimes the buyer asks for a lot, such as for a new roof or new furnace.  Relax, don’t worry!  Whatever they ask for, you can respond in any way that you see fit and our agents will fight on your behalf.  The seller is not required to make repairs. Moreover, our team has experts on property renovations, remodeling and construction, so no one is going to pull the wool over our eyes.  If the seller does refuses to make requested repairs, then the buyer can cancel the contract and get their earnest money back.

Once the inspection contingency has been released, the buyers lender (if they are getting a loan) will order the appraisal.  The appraiser’s job is to determine the value of the home.  If the appraisal comes in below the contract price then the buyer may cancel the contract or ask you to reduce the price.  We can and will push back on the appraisal if we see technical failures in it.  It is up to the lender if they wish to use the faults we find to push back on the appraiser.  If it comes in at or above asking price then things continue to move forward.

The escrow officer will outline all of your closing costs or expenses on the closing statements. Some items such as property taxes, HOA fees, sewer and trash will be pro-rated as of the closing date. Our agent will review your closing statement to ensure that it is accurate per the contract.  At the bottom of the closing statement you will see a line item for the amount of money you receive or the amount of money you owe.

The buyers money goes to title company, your loan is paid off through the title company, and you either get a check or write a check, depending if the net sale price was higher or lower than what you owed on the loan.   The title company will record the deed transferring the ownership from you to the new owners, and yes, you must give up the keys at closing [unless the contract allow you to stay for an additional time].  So, relax, go to Hawaii and plot your next real estate purchase while sipping Mai Tai’s!  .

TE Agents provides top notch service and we are there for you from the start all the way to the finish, and we save you money (real cash dollars) all along the way.  We don’t take the standard commissions, we take 20% less than the standard.  This can save you thousands of dollars on every transaction.

TE Agents Saves You $,$$$ Thousands!


  • We Pay 2 hours of cleaning, to get those tough spots you just haven’t had time to reach. We want your home to look its best for its big day!
  • If you don’t desire the extra cleaning, then We Will Pay for a staging consultation for your home.
  • We Pay for professional photography to properly capture the essence of your home.
  • We Create and Print high-end color flyers for your home.
  • We Pay for a professional sign in your yard – the most effective signs in the industry.
  • We Install an MLS lock box on your house.
  • We Conduct open houses on every listing!
  • We Provide a “booty box” to protect your floors from guests’ shoes.
  • We Create attractive ads on the MLS and other websites and portals.
  • We Walk you through the legal paperwork that keeps you and the deal in compliance, including Purchase Contract, Lead Paint Disclosures, Property Condition Disclosures, Title Commitment, and Agency documents.
  • We Work through and analyze all written offers with you.
  • We Draft counter offers, create addendums, and help you creatively make a deal work.
  • We Are always your advocate, we negotiate like professional tigers on your behalf.
  • We Coordinate with Lenders, Title and Escrow companies, inspectors, and appraisers to keep you deal moving through the process quickly and efficiently.
  • We are a great source for contractor referrals such as attorneys, accountants, roofers, plumbers, electricians, and others.
  • We Answer questions for you and provide you support through this difficult process.
  • We Verify the closing statements and paperwork for accuracy.
  • We Coordinate a closing time and place that is convenient for you.
  • We Save You $,$$$ Thousands!


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