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You receive an offer on your home. Your Tiger Prop will review the offer and scour it for crucial details (ie. Offer price, closing date, closing cost breakdown, contingencies…). Your agent will present the offer to you and answer any questions that you have. If the purchase price is too low or there is some other issue with the offer, your agent will draft a counter offer and fight for your interests. If the offer is perfect, then don’t wait around, sign the puppy and count yourself lucky.

Once you have the offer accepted your agent will deliver the fully executed contract to title, escrow, the lender, the other agent, and the designated broker. Your agent will open title. If you have a cash offer, they will make sure that they get proof of funds from the buyer or their agent. If you have an offer contingent on financing, they will get a loan approval letter from the buyers agent or the buyers lender.

Eventually, the buyer will have a home inspection and at this point they may ask you to make certain repairs. Your agent will review your options per the contract. This can be a point of anxiety for sellers as sometimes the buyer asks for a lot, such as for a new roof or new furnace. Whatever they ask for, you can respond in any way that you see fit and your Tiger Prop agent will fight on your behalf. The seller is not required to make repairs. However, if the seller refuses to make repairs then the buyer can cancel the contract and get their earnest money back.

Once the inspection contingency has been released, the buyers lender (if they are getting a loan) will order the appraisal. The appraiser’s job is to determine the value of the home. If the appraisal comes in below the contract price then the buyer may cancel the contract or ask you to reduce the price. If it comes in at or above asking price then things continue to move forward.

The escrow officer will outline all of your closing costs or expenses on the closing statements. Some items such as property taxes, HOA fees, sewer and trash will be pro-rated as of the closing date. Your Tiger Prop agent will review your closing statement to ensure that they are accurate per the contract. At the bottom of the closing statement you will see a line item for the amount of money you receive or the amount of money you owe.

The buyers money goes to title, your loan is paid off through title, you either get a check or write a check, the property records into the bew buyers name, the buyer gets the keys and you can relax and go to Hawaii.

Tiger Prop refuses to charge 6% brokerage fees. The tiger is your friend. Tiger Prop’s brokerage fees range from 2% to 5% of the final sales price. If you sold a $300,000 house with Tiger Prop then you just saved between $3000 and $12,000. Go have fun and be happy!


  • Pay for a staging consultation on your house.  If you do not want a staging consultation then they will pay for a limited cleaning service on your house.
  • Pay for a professional photographer to shoot your house.
  • Create and print color flyers on your house.
  • Put up for sale sign on your house.
  • Install an MLS lock box on your house.
  • Give you a booty box so that guests can cover shoes when viewing your home.
  • Fill out the MLS Data forms for you.
  • Provide you with, and answer questions, on how to fill out legally required paperwork such as Lead Paint Disclosures and Property Condition Disclosures.
  • Work with you on setting up Open Houses for you.
  • Present all written offers to you.
  • Answer questions for you on all offers that come in.
  • Draft counter offers, create addendums, and help fill out contracts for you.
  • Be your advocate, they will negotiate with the buyer’s agent on your behalf.
  • Coordinate with Title and Escrow once an offer has been accepted.
  • Request a pre-approval letter or proof of funds from the buyer’s agent.
  • Tell you when the buyer wants to have a home inspection.
  • Help you negotiate an inspection contingency on your behalf once this release is provided.
  • Be a great source for contractor referrals such as attorneys, accountants, roofers, plumbers and others.
  • Answer questions for you and provide you support through this difficult process.
  • Coordinate a time for you to sign closing paperwork at the Title Company.
  • Check the closing statements for accuracy.
  • Call you and tell you when your home has funded and recorded.
  • Save you thousands!


Many real estate brokers will charge sellers a 6% brokerage fee.  They will often charge sellers 3% of the sales price to list the house, and offer 3% of the sales price as compensation for the buyer’s agent through the MLS.  The seller has the unfortunate distinction of paying both agents.  Whether a cooperating broker sells the home, or your broker sells the home, you will often pay 6% of the sales price to be guided through the difficult process.  On a $250,000 a 6% commission would be $15,000.  Hopefully, the listing broker will offer services such as professional photography, color flyers, and a staging consultation as part of their listing fee.  You should ask your agent what they will be doing and how much they will be charging you.

Tiger Prop is different.
We refuse to charge our sellers 6% brokerage fees.  Our services range from 2% of the sales price to 5% of the sales price depending on the variables outlined below.  In other words on a $250,000 house we save our sellers between $2500 and $10,000 depending upon which of the below scenarios unfolded, if you compared us to a 6% broker.  If you want to know the specific services that we offer, take a look at our Listing Services Sheet .


Tiger Prop will charge 2% of the sales price to our seller for our listing services.  Tiger Prop will offer 3% of the sales price to the cooperating broker through MLS (paid by the seller).  The seller would pay a 5% brokerage fee based upon the final sales price in this scenario.


Tiger Prop will charge 2% of the sales price to the seller for our listing services.  If Tiger Prop finds a buyer for the house while it is listed, and Tiger Prop represents both the seller and the buyer, then we will reduce the total seller paid brokerage fee from 5% to 4% of the final sales price.


Tiger Prop will charge 2% of the sales price to the seller for our listing services.  If the homeowner, procures a buyer while the property is listed, then we will reduce the total seller paid brokerage fee to 3% of the final sales price.  In this situation Tiger Prop would not be required to pay a buyer’s agent a 3% brokerage fee.


If we have a ready, willing and able buyer and seller who want assistance with drafting and managing a real estate transaction, then Tiger Prop will manage the entire transaction for 2% of the sales price.  This package does not include our standard listing services.
Take a look at our Transaction Drafting and Management Package


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