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Tiger Blog February 2017

Posted by Max Coursey on February 14, 2017
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Boise’s culture and style is growing in a big way—and the rest of the country is (finally—right?!) noticing. From awesome new restaurants to an uptick in the entrepreneurially inclined, Boise is making waves nationally.

Everyone is familiar with big magazine’s favorite hook—the top 10 or 100 or whatever number the editor likes best list— and Boise is having a moment. The past few months have been especially big for the city of trees, highlighting some very exciting new developments.

Today we are going to highlight the big guns of magazine list gurus. The one and only Sunset magazine name Boise one of the “20 Best Value Towns” in their January issue. A high quality of life paired with affordable living bumped Boise to the top of the list. Sunset says “With housing costs rising, the great cities of the West—San Francisco, Denver, even L.A.—are creating an existential challenge. Where can you find the right house at the right price, a reasonable salary and maybe a decent restaurant for date night?” Check out the full article on the Sunset Blog.

Sunset…man… we gotta say, we are so glad you noticed!! Because we couldn’t agree more. The article tagged along with some of our favorite peeps—Interior Stylist Kirsten Grove and Fashion Guru Laura Tully to hit up the hot spots in Boise. From awesome third wave coffee to delectable and affordable hip downtown spots, Boise’s quality of life is off the charts.

Just to substantiate what you already know. Check out the Median House Prices from a few of the Wild West’s big boys vs. Boise Idaho

2016 Yearly Median Sales Price: SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA $1,325,000

January 2017 Median Sales Price: Denver, CO: $369,000

January 2017 Median Sales Price: Seattle (King County) $525,000

January 2017 Median Sales Price: Portland OR:  $399,000

January 2017 Median Sales Price: Salt Lake City UT:  $273,600

January 2017 Median Sales Price: BOISE IDAHO:  $204,500

So what do you think Boise? Is Boise the next up and comer? Do you think Boise is Affordable?

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