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Loretta Cannon

About Me

Way back when ago in a different century, in the Milky Way galaxy, a really smart cookie was born at the old St. Alphonsus hospital in downtown Boise.

Loretta is a 3rd generation Boisean; some of her antecedents settled portions of eastern Idaho, and some moved out west with the railroad. She grew up with old world values and a pioneer spirit. She matriculated through St Joseph’s grade school (volunteering with the Jr Legion of Mary, and achieved her Girl Scout Senior 1st Class award), and Boise High School (Jr Volunteer at St Luke’s Hospital). She attended Boise State University, earning a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. This laid the foundation for Loretta’s lifelong fascination with What Do People Do All Day, and how can she help?

Over the next 25 years, she went on to earn a Master’s in Physical Anthropology from Arizona State University, a second Bachelor’s (Microbiology) from Boise State, and completed 4 years towards a PhD in Microbiology & Biochemistry. In between her University years, she worked for the Federal government (Boise VA and BLM), in Banking/Trust Depts in both Arizona and Idaho, for local Idaho Non-Profit organizations managing data, and even learned about Advertising from a New York ad man. Somewhere along the way, she fell in love with data and spreadsheets.

Although Loretta learned a skaboodle about many things, and was able to help various groups of people (VA patients, charity donors, retirement plan participants), no single niche allowed her to feel that she was making a real difference.

And then she sold her house. :: lightbulb ::

“Hey, this is fun, and I would get to learn more laws and regulations, every year, and I could use my people skills, and I would get to crunch data, and learn new computer programs, and be able to remember what’s on the market and who wants a pool and who wants chickens, and I will be able to take people out to lunch and listen to their stories, and I can share all those little-known-facts about Boise history I’ve learned from Mom and her cousin, and I will be able to help people to make sound decisions and solve problems working in real estate. I would get to be a Girl Scout with a paycheck !”

So Loretta crunched the numbers, and realized that she could afford to make this career leap. She retired early from the Federal government, soaked up more education and obtained her License. Then lo and behold, she found a home with Tiger Prop – a brokerage managed with the same values Loretta holds dear. She had first met Max and Vanessa of Tiger Prop almost 10 years previously when they were across-the-alley neighbors in the near North End. Loretta’s chosen niche is working with the Boomers and the Greatest generations. She is committed to ensuring that her clients have the information they need to make sound financial decisions to protect their assets for a comfortable retirement.

Following family tradition, Loretta recently moved her 91 year-old mother in with her family. She is an avid reader, and owns over 2,000 books. When not reading, you will find Loretta in the kitchen tweaking a new recipe, or watching old re-runs on Hulu, or in the garden redesigning a flower bed, or (when no one’s listening) she may play her piano or cello.

“Please let me know how I may help, hopefully over lunch.”

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